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About i Darts

iDarts is an international franchise with a new concept of creating an unforgettable fun and exciting moment using electronic darts in a vibrant, clean and modern environment.

With the revolutionary DARTSLIVE2 electronic soft tip darts machine by SEGA SAMMY Japan, we bring the humble darts games to a higher level of fun, challenge and excitement. 


This isn’t the usual club scene with just upbeat music, party drinks and people mingling around. With the evolution of darts from steel tip to soft tip, brings about DARTSLIVE2, a network-connected electronic dart machine which is considered a global standard electronic dart device for its high-quality and high-performance. From games of technique training, to drinking party games, DARTSLIVE2 would never leave a customer disappointed. 

At iDarts, we dedicate a special set of training to our floor staffs who shows passion for darts. Known as the in-house Darts Ambassadors, customers who are new to darts will be able to kick start games with ease under the Darts Ambassador's guidance.  

iDarts is an one-stop entertainment joint that bonds friendship, fun and challenges altogether. And that, ultimately sets a level different from its peers in the bar industry.



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